63cm 1/3 Scale Boys (pre-order) October 01 ~ 10

Dolls come with a pair of eyes (random colour)

  • Resin Options: white, peach or tan
  • Head Type (left to right): Phaet or Saiph
"Let me put a human face on the deal with the Cuarto dragons. Their maker works in a small studio, where she does everything herself, from ordering and mixing colors, to making molds, casting resin, assembling each doll, managing shipping and all. The money she makes goes back in production. She is a very humble and sweet woman with a great artistic vision. She is not rich. And you, recast owners, monetarily support those who steal from her. Each of you is culpable. Yes, think on it for a bit."
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"You know what you do to help the companies? You buy legit dolls. Telling people what you think of their recast or treating them like shit only links those negative feelings to the legit companies and the people who are vocally anti recast. Just, in a friendly or positive manner, reassure people when they buy legit, and be pleasant to people. If they don’t have that negative association with the legit company, they’re less likely to want to hurt them."

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I just….. so people telling you that what you’re doing is shitty makes you want to do more shitty things and hurt people more? Out of pure spite?

Like do pro-recasts not understand how horrible they make themselves sound? 

I don’t get how there can be so much spite and nastiness and disregard in this hobby TOWARDS THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE HOBBY POSSIBLE?

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FEELER : AkagiDoll Ban head - White skin

I got him somewhere near Jun …I’m thinking on selling him…. beeecause…. well… It was fun to make him but I still can’t do much with SDs T_T they are way too big for me and I have bills to pay too hmmm… so If anyone interested ,drop me an offer to my askbox <3

  1. Camera: Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
  2. Aperture: f/5.6
  3. Exposure: 1/25th
  4. Focal Length: 86mm






Counting only DOAs list of recasted dolls, 466 dolls have been recasted. So I want us to do just a little fun bit of math here to see how much damage the hobby is having done to it.

"Elijafeathers’ new rant with recast “math” is so highly flawed I don’t even know where to begin. While pulling assumptions out of their ass, they also assume that all those people who bought recasts were ever going to pay legit prices and deal with the wait times. It also assumes that the money that goes out of the legit market never comes back in, and completely ignores the impact that recast owners have on the clothing and aesthetics side of the hobby. Take it with a grain of salt."

#2257 (via recastconfessions)

Okay so let’s address a few points:

My recent post is not a ‘rant’. I am a bit snarky with my wording, but it’s not a rant, it’s literally an estimation, and a rough one at that. If anyone feels like actually going through that whole list and pricing each doll at blank state with fantasy parts as are generally offered by recasters, they’re absolutely free to do so, and they’ll produce an even more accurate result of the total amount of money that the company looses to recasts. I think considering the number of Iplehouse, Soom, and Volks recasts that setting the average legit price at 500 per doll is fair for this little numbercrunch.

if you want to take it a step further you can also try figuring in which companies actually discontinue dolls, vs which ones offer them for resale again after their ‘limited run’ ends (such as Iplehouse offering ‘limited’ heads through the CDS, or Soom’s events.)

My argument actually doesn’t factor in the secondhand market at all, what you’re looking at is the raw net loss with the numbers I’ve used for my assumption. You can create your own version of this with what numbers you deem reasonable. For for example, let’s say you think the average price is only 200 per legit doll (lol these are actually recast prices now). $200 x 466 dolls = $93,200 for a total ‘set’ of recast dolls. Let’s then say you think that there are only five of each recast sold on average. You now take the cost of one ‘set’ of recasts, 93,200 USD, and multiply it by 5. The result using those number is $466,000. That’s $466,000 stolen from the artist— and before you argue that no one would have paid legit prices, keep in mind that a recaster has no right to profit off of the art of these companies. That is $466,000 dollars worth of dolls that they will never see or touch or use to fund their own buisness.

If you want to argue that any particular doll is paid for once by a recaster, than you must also divide that price by how every many recasts are made. For example, a recaster purchases the new iplehouse EID doll scarlet, anticipating that there will be a market for it (which will probably happen.) The recaster spends $650, because he doesn’t need a faceup or outfit or a dark resin color.

The recaster then makes 20 copies of Scarlet. He’s now paid 32 dollars per every Scarlet he owns. Maybe is makes 50 Scarlets. He’s put 50 Scarlets on the market and Iplehouse now sees $13 for every Scarlet on the market manufactured by this particular recaster, and has lost 50 opportunities that belonged to them to make the full price on the doll. They have most certainly lost customers who are affluent enough that had counterfeit options not been presented would have purchased the doll from them directly. Perhaps not all of those 50 recasts went to such people, but at the bare minimum I’d imagine 3 or 4 of the recast owners would have paid full price for the doll otherwise.

Basically, if you want to debate the numbercrunching I’m doing, then feel free, but you need to come off anon and talk actual numbers as opposed to ‘Elijahfeathers is ranting/assuming/flawed math!!!!’ If my math is flawed, then research it and present better math.

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And ok, if recasts weren’t available at all ever, what would recast owners have bought instead? Like yes, maybe some would’ve been like “fuck this hobby it’s too expensive,” and gone off to join the MH hobby or something, but I’m willing to bet the rest would’ve bought cheaper options (maybe MSDs instead of SDs, so they end up with JIDs instead of SIDs? Or even *gasp* resinsoul or bobobie or a cheap company!!!). They may not have bought the sculpt they ended up with recast, but they would’ve bought from legit artists.

Imagine how much improvement Resinsoul and Bobobie could make if the money went to them? Imagine how much they could branch out and make more cool cheap dolls? 

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"I agree with #2247 we are humans beings, just like you antis. We bleed, we cry, we do exactly the same things. The absurd need of the anti to be better than other people is already a bit too much out of proportion Plz don’t get me the “ho no! we’re protecting the artist rights!” shit, If the artist or company wants protection let them hire a lawyer and sue recast sellers Pros and buyers only exist because there is a seller, if I where the company/artist I would be chasing the seller, not buyers."

#2259 (in response to #2247)

Well, sorry, but I am going to pull the “protecting artists shit”, as we have already said these are small companies or even single artists, so hiring a lawyer is a significant business expanse. Especially when we are talking about hiring someone to go after every recast company out there, you probably need one or more lawyers specialised in working cases across country border. Thing is that China is notorious for not enforcing copyright laws, so if a huge billion dollar company like Disney can’t completely stop cheap rip-offs of their products and characters, how do you expect a tiny company in a niche hobby to do it?

Also, who are we going to sue for the damages you do to the secondary market and the general hobby?

Do you think companies release statements begging us not to get recasts for fun?

The change needs to come from the bottom and up, though it might be true that buyers only exist because of the seller, the only reason the seller succeeds and keep growing is that you assholes are willing to buy their shit.

I have no idea if I am “better” then any single recast owner as a whole, I don’t care to find out ether, but I have no problem saying this: In the singular case of buying legit versus buying recast, I am indisputably making the morally superior choice!

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I agree that the change needs to come from the buyers in this case, because a lot of the time China doesn’t care about the international copyright laws. A small company or artist doesn’t really stand a chance in trying to stop them. Since the problem is with the Chinese government.

If people stopped buying from them, they would stop producing them. They would stop buying new dolls because it would stop being profitable for them to do so. People buying them is creating a demand which they are happy to fill for a quick profit, and they are using to some of that profit to expand and target artists.

It is not like you don’t know what the recasters are doing, this is why your choice is a bad one. You know full well at this point that the recasters don’t care who’s art they steal. They have no shame, they just want the money and the people buying them are happy to provide it. Knowing full well what their money will go on to do. 

This is why if you knowingly buy a recast you are part of the problem.This is why people are choosing not to have anything to do with you. We are not dehumanizing you, we just disagree with you on a moral choice that does effect this hobby. And on explaining the harm to you all we are hearing is an excuse after excuse to way it is “okay” for you do this and claim there is no wrong doing on your part.

It is the no acknowledgement of wrong doing, and the excuses that is the most frustrating thing to deal with. 

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"I’m in favor of labeling recasts apart from legit, but not of bullying. When did collecting dolls became a snob highschool competition for big names and glory? Like it or not, a recast doll is still a doll. Is not an imaginary friend or a pillow or a table, is a doll, end of story. Most of us get BJDs [either legit or recast] to embrace our childhood and relive our good memories. I don’t recall caring so much about fake dollys when I was a child as long as I liked my doll.. Why should start now?"

#2261 (via recastconfessions)

This is another version of “They’re just dolls get over it.” Which is a shitty sentiment when you consider that they are in fact works of art and they are the artists’ source of income and by buying recast you are funding a thief to steal from an artist.

It’s not about names or glory or elitism for us. I’m pretty sure it IS about those things for pro-recast people, though, because you can EASILY get a legit doll for cheaper than a recast. 

For Anti’s it’s about seeing the artists begging people to stop buying recasts. It’s about seeing artists we love who work so hard to create beautiful things watching losing income and having to discontinue sculpts or not having the resources to try new things and branch out, or maybe having to close up shop because they can’t make ends meet. 

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